So here we go again . . . lots been happening, just never got round to posting the photos.

Here was gear box after a bit of a clean up

Here is the pile of gunk we scraped off – what a foul job

And here is the finished cleaned up look – silver and yellow bits for Cancer Council daffodil

Engine bay looked like this before overhaul

Sprayed the engine bay black on LHS. RHS needs new battery tray and LHS back panel is crumpled so might be ordering new bit from Roy

Exhaust holes welded up and resprayed

New Monroe GT Gas shock absorbers

Back brakes finished and wheels about to go back on

So apart from the ball joints and reconnecting the heater hoses and controls, the underneath is DONE

And here is Megan and I at the Relay For Life Annual conference in Sydney proudly wearing our Kombi of Hope t-shirts

Better late than never – here are the last lot of welding photos . . . bear with me coz boys not here and I’m not really very sure what it is I’m looking at

Here is the inner windscreen panel after a few repairs

Close ups

Some new bits welded on

Outer windscreen panel c/- of Roy being welded in place

And after playing around with V’s new camera, a purple KOH!!!